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Our passion is to transform your health
help you relax, unwind, and get healed.

Our Story

The Healing Space was founded with the passion to make a difference in the health of the local community.

Guiqin is  originally from Harbin in China's beautiful northeast. Her passion for Massage Therapy started during her study at Heilongjiang University, where she was studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. Improvement of others' health is something she is passionate about for over 20+ years. When she migrated to England, she brought her special natural healing techniques, which she used to get rid of pain, injuries, and muscle problems to start out at Healing Space in Sheffield.


Through the yin and yang philosophy of the east, she believes it's the most effective way to create harmony in the body by eliminating blockages, imbalances, and disturbances. These blockages manifest as illness, disease, and anxiety. As a team at the Healing Space, we strive to alleviate pain by any means and to prevent it from occurring. We treat it from the root cause, creating a lasting impact on your health.


Guiqin Guo
Healing Space Founder


  • Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology

  • Level 3 Diploma in Health, Safety, Security and Employment Standards

'Here at Healing Space, we take seriously both the quality of service and the reputation of our therapist. Our goal is to provide long-lasting results with the best treatment available.'
- Guiqin

'I went to Qin yesterday with a bad neck, having pulled it the day before and was in agony. I couldn't move my head from side to side and struggles sitting up/ laying down. I had the pain relief treatment and reflexology. My neck felt much better after the first session, I can turn my head from side to side now and have some relief from this horrible pain. I can also sit down/ lay down much easier than before. The pain relief treatment depending on what you have is quite rigorous so be prepared but it obviously works!! I am quite tender where the treatment was this morning but I feel much better than when I first went. I also got 15 mins free because I booked it before 12pm. highly recommend. Thank you'

'I first saw Qin 6 months ago with a shoulder injury that had been troubling me for about a year. Within 6-8 visits it was almost back to normal. The weekly sessions have now got me back to full use of my shoulder. Incorporated into the massage I now go for reflexology and find this to have been an enormous help to my general wellbeing. I would 100% recommend anyone who hasn't tried it to give it a go, it has definitely helped me.,

- Simone Scott

'My father had an issue with his legs that randomly had weakness and couldn’t stand. This was undiagnosed after many many tests and physio treatments on the NHS. I had visited Healing Space previously and thought I would try an alternative method since nothing else was working 18months later. Within the first treatment where the weakness in the legs occurred multiple times a day had since now not happened within a full week thankfully. Here I am now for the second session and will continue to keep coming. The staff are great and the service is fantastic. I have recommended them before and will continue to do so. Thank you so much guys. It means the more than you can even imagine!'

- Imran Rehman

- Simone Dawson

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